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You’re ready to build the home that you’ve always wanted and Pinson’s is your partner; we’re here to listen to your needs, meet your budget, and build a home you can rely on for safety and craftsmanship.

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Building or renovating your home is extremely exciting. It’s one of the largest undertakings in one’s life. No surprise, many can find the task daunting. Where to build? What architectural style to implement? What materials to use? Which contractors to hire? Is it affordable? Pinson’s Construction has decades of experience navigating families through these questions in building their dream home. We collaborate with you to build a beautiful home uniquely tailored to you and you lifestyle.

Hand with architectural blueprints


We want you to be a part of the process every step of the way. You may already have your blueprints or want us to draw your plans. Our team is involved from the onset of the planning process to ensure every detail is accounted for. Our experience in building custom homes gives us the ability to offer excellent materials and high quality alternatives to align your custom home build to your budget. We dedicate a lot of time to the initial planning process, strategizing through every aspect of the build to be prepared for any challenges unique to your project.

Pinsons Construction measures foundation at Coosa Steel


We are building more than a house; we are building your home. Scheduled bi-monthly meetings maintain communication as a priority throughout your project; these meetings inform you about your home’s progression and upcoming milestones. You can approach us at any time with ideas or concerns, our team is here for you and your family—we believe transparency is the key to building a lasting professional relationship. Whether your dream home is a from-the-ground-up custom build designed to the newest architectural trends or a meticulous historic home renovation, Pinson's uses high quality materials and craftsmanship to build a home that will last for all the years and memories to come.

Pinsons construction staff use laser measurement inside Coosa Steel

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