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Georgia Machine Works

Georgia Machine Works facility building
16,000 sq ft
Rome, Georgia
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The Build Brief

Georgia Machine Works offers services that extend the life of machinery and equipment in the pulp, paper, and power generation industries. In 2018 they needed space for an additional 60-foot lathe to meet the demands of a growing workload. Without the necessary space to house the new equipment, they needed an expansion of their existing facilities.

The Process

Our experience and technical qualifications brought much needed expertise to the project. The expansion included a freestanding PEMB (pre-engineered metal building) on a new concrete slab specifically designed to support the 60-foot lathe and overhead cranes. We graded the site and built the foundation to specification. Footings were poured with rebar mats for additional reinforcement under the heavy equipment. 

Pinson’s managed the layout and placement for all anchor bolts, as well as installed the overhead cranes used by Georgia Machine Works for lifting the equipment on and off the lathe. In addition to the industrial expansion, we also constructed new office space for Georgia Machine Works employees.  

Georgia Machine Works interior crane
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