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 Points to Consider Before Your 
Flooring Installation

Let Us Help You With the Right Flooring Option

You may have a special design, pattern, or material in mind when it comes to your flooring preferences. We can deliver you the exact look and feel you want for your floor. Before that, there are a few points that you should take note of. 

Bring in your swatches, your paint colors or room fabric, the knowledgeable team members at Pinsons will help you find the right product to match your flooring needs. You may also call or visit us for a consultation before you decide on a particular flooring option.

Things to Consider Before You Make a Purchase

  • Analyze the conditions around your home – Your flooring should be in sync with your surroundings. Humidity, sand, asphalt driveway, red clay area – each condition has a different impact on your floor.
  • Analyze the current flooring in your home – It's important to know the surface on which you want your new flooring to be installed. For an instance, many types of vinyl, for example, can be applied directly on top of the old vinyl. Some require removal of old material or subflooring work, which can increase the installation cost.
  • Consider Foot Traffic and Potential Wear – Do you have a large family with young kids and pets? Well, if you have a certain type of flooring in mind, before installation you need to ensure if that flooring will withstand heavy foot traffic or picking from pets’ claws.
  • Consider your performance priorities – Are you looking for ease of maintenance or a longer lasting floor with a scratch resistance feature? We can help you choose according to your needs.
  • Performance needs added with style – Contemporary, rustic, or traditional, you can get the look in ceramic tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring. Looking for a casual room, a formal feel, or a combination of both? We'll be happy to help you determine the kind and quality you want.

Things to Do Before Your Floor Arrives

Before our professionals come to your home to install the flooring products you've purchased, there are a few things which are necessary to be taken care of.

• All items under the beds if possible
• Fragile lamps, knickknacks, and glassware
• All breakable items, jewelry, and cash
• All linens off beds

• Closets (shoes on floor, etc.)
• Books from bookcases (if the bookcases need to be moved)
• China cabinets – anything breakable

• All computers and electronic equipment
• Stereos, TVs, DVD players, etc.
• Anything else that is ”temperamental” and needs your own personal attention

• Any special condition
• Pets (alligators, parrots, monkeys, tigers, and others)
• Alarm systems
• Wires located under your current flooring such as alarm wires and radiant heat floors
• Any other special instruction we need to know

Information to Share

We make every effort to detect deteriorated subfloor conditions at the time of the measure. However, hidden damages aren't always evident until the old flooring is removed and the new floors are ready to be installed. We'll bring to your notice in any such case so that you can make a decision on how to proceed with the installation. 

It's important that you inform us of any past home problems like water leaks which can affect the floor covering installation. The paint of your existing shoe molding or base molding needs to be touched up if we’re reinstalling it.
We provide a FREE estimate on our floor installation services. Call us now at 
Our services are guaranteed for one full year.
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