Luxury Vinyl Tile

Malibu, California, USA --- Modern bathroom --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

Luxury vinyl products are made to be quiet, comfortable underfoot alternatives to other hard surfaces.  They are less likely to shatter glasses or other breakables that drop. Easier on your back when standing on your feet all day, and warmer to the touch than their counterparts. Their surfaces are engineered to resist scrapes, scratches, and wear.

Typically more expensive than ordinary sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl products come in an array of wood patterns, slates, and tiles that bring a stunning new level of realism.  Some of their tile patterns can be installed with or without grout, and once that is done, you can not tell difference from the real thing, except it is warmer and softer on the body.

But just because they are softer, doesn’t mean they are fragile.  Their wear surfaces and their special coatings on top make them some of the toughest on the market, resisting tears, gouges, and stains as well as anything.

Ask our Design Team
Confused about what will go where, what colors to use, how to use patterns?  Ask our design people what will work best for you, and they can show you a world of possibilities and interesting designs.

The installation process is just as important to a successful project as the products that we sell. Our craftsmen deliver the end product that ulitmately makes our clients proud of their project. We pride ourselves on our quality of installation. Each member of our team knows our commitment to doing a job right. We reinforce this by a system of continuing education and certification, training programs and seminars, and on the job implementation. Our installers are our own employees and work strictly for us, unlike the independent installation subcontractors that most others use. LEARN MORE