We know that the installation process is as important to a successful project as the products that we sell. Our craftsmen and installation crews are an integral part of our flooring team, and each one of them understands our commitment to doing a job right.  They are our own employees and work strictly for us, unlike the independent installation subcontractors that most others use. They are required to attend extensive hands on flooring schools for certification, attend training programs for the individual products put on by the manufacturers, and keep up that knowledge with a system of continuing education and ongoing seminars.

Your installation is scheduled on a date and time convenient to YOU,and we show up when we say we will, with no suprises or delays. (See our article, Women Who Wait).

And when we show up at your home for your installation on that day, we know what we are doing:

• Because your new flooring is only as good as what it is installed on, we handle all preparation- from taking up the old flooring to installing new underlayment.
• We move your furniture and appliances.
• We cut off doors if needed.
• We even haul off the old floor-covering and dispose of it properly.
• When we walk out,  your new flooring is ready for you.
• In short, we try and take the surprise out of the process, and make your flooring purchase a pleasant and rewarding experience that you can be proud of for years to come.

We use the following analogy by Tom Jennings to emphasize the value of a craftsman:  “Ma’am, while there may be some difference in the brands of paint- you will find that there is a great deal of difference in painters. Your satisfaction with the look of a room will most likely be more dependent on the choice of painters than on the choice of paint.”

So it is with our flooring.  Sometimes, the rolls of carpet or boxes of tile look very similar when purchased, but in the wrong hands, when installed incorrectly, they can become a mess. In the right hands, they can become a work of art.  If you have artists or craftsman working for you, it makes all the difference in the world in your finished product and your satisfaction.