Construction projects, regardless of their size, are complex undertakings involving many different crafts and products. We’ve sucessfully completed churches, schools, office buildings, medical facilities, banks, dormitories, manufacturing facilities, museums, correctional facilities, and private homes all over Georgia.

Our systematic team approach to complex construction projects, along with our attention to detail, ensure that each phase builds toward delivering a quality project in a timely manner, within budget.


As construction managers, we have developed an extensive understanding of the concepts needed for managing projects from start to completion. We can provide project planning, scheduling, design management, contract management, and construction supervision.

Working with our clients, we analyze and review each component of a project, addressing any areas of concern that can affect the job’s progress. With an awareness of key project issues, we can then assure that each step builds towards a successful and satisfying completion. These projects are generally performed on a fee basis, with or without a guaranteed maximum price.


As General Contractors, we are responsible for the construction phase of the project, typically after the architects and engineers have finished their planning and design portions.  We self perform many of the phases of the project, with the rest performed by our team of subcontractors. This type of construction is usually awarded after the design phase either on a negotiated contract, cost plus a fee basis, or competitive bid.


Our company has always employed our own skilled carpenters and craftsmen, and we have always performed all the functions of a typical handyman for our clients.  We handle anything large or small, from installing new doors and windows to fixing common problems around the home or office. For our senior citizens, we install grab bars, handicap ramps, and special accessories. These services  are performed on a quoted price or an hourly fee basis.


Remodeling is one the most difficult businesses in which to achieve and keep customer satisfaction. As remodeling contractors, our role is to provide the solutions for your building needs, tailoring your space for the way you really live or work. We provide initial planning and design services, using our construction experience and computer design programs to offer solutions that will compliment and fulfill your lifestyle needs, turning your ideas into realistic plans and workable drawings. We then handle all details of the construction phase, with our carpenters adding those special details and craftsmanship that give true value and “curb appeal” to your home or office. Our design work is based on hourly rates, while our remodeling jobs are performed on a negotiated fee or  lump sum price basis.