Before Your Floor Arrives


We appreciate your business and the trust you have placed in our company, and want you to know that we consider the installation process as important to your satisfaction as the products you have chosen. Installation  is one of our industry’s biggest problems, but it is one of our best assets.  We employ and train our own installers, with some having worked here for over thirty years. Our professional installers will be coming to your house to install the flooring products you have purchased. We typically do “turn key” projects, from start to finish, so that you have minimum worries. A few things to consider that will make your life easier before we come, called our “REDI” system:


• All items under beds if possible
• Fragile lamps, knickknacks and glassware
• All breakable items, jewelry and cash
• All linens off beds


• Closets- (shoes on floor, etc.)
• Books from bookcases (if the bookcases need to be moved)
• China cabinets – anything breakable


• All computers and electronic equipment
• Stereos, TVs, DVD players, etc.
• Anything else that is ”tempermental” and needs your own personal attention.


Please inform our lead craftsman (who will be installing your products and introduced to you by your design/sales member) on your job of any special conditions: Pets (alligators, parrots, monkeys, tigers, etc.) alarm systems, wires located under your current flooring such as alarm wires and radiant heat floors, and any other special needs arer instructions that we need to know.

Please note: Every effort is made to detect deteriorated subfloor conditions at the time of the measure, but these are not always evident until the old flooring is removed and the new floors are ready to be installed (hidden damages). If a problem arises, we will notify you so that you can make a decision (with our input) on how to proceed. Please make us aware of any past problems such as water leaks, etc. that can affect the floor covering installation that may not be visible. Also, remember that if we are re-installing your existing shoe molding or base molding, the paint might need to be touched up.